How to buy crypto currency in FamilyMart

Cooperated with FamilyMart, BitoEX provides services via FamiPort. When you complete the processes of purchasing crypto currency, you print out the bill from FamiPort and pay in FamilyMart by deadline. After the payment, you will receive SMS from BitoEX and you are able to receive your crypto currency by following the instructions of BitoEX website.

  • This is agency service, the price includes agency service fee which is only 1% of the order price.

This function requires Level B ID verification to access.【Click to Verify】

Enter the Amount of Purchase

Click "CVS Exchange" → Enter "Amount" → Confirm "Amount" → Click "Next"


Pay by the Barcode at counter of FamilyMart

Pay at FamilyMart → After payment,Click "Update Payment Status"


Exchange Crypto Currency with Latest Rate

Click "Exchange Now" → Get the Latest Rate of Crypto Currency → "Submit"

You can exchange with the proper cryto currency rate as you wish.

Successfully deposit in your personal crypto currency Wallet