How to buy bitcoin in FamilyMart

Cooperated with FamilyMart, BitoEX provides services via FamiPort. When you complete the processes of purchasing Bitcoin, you print out the bill from FamiPort and pay in FamilyMart by deadline. After the payment, you will receive SMS from BitoEX and you are able to receive your Bitcoin by following the instructions of BitoEX website.

  • To buy your Bitcoin in FamilyMart, you need to pay at least 100 TWD and maxim 20,000 TWD, and you pay extra 25 TWD charged by FamilyMart per order.
  • This is agency service, the price includes agency service fee which is only 1% of the order price.

This function requires Level B ID verification to access.【Click to Verify】

Key in Virtual Account Number

In FamiPort, please touch icon '繳費' → touch icon '虛擬帳號' → input 'BTC' → touch icon '確認'


Key In Cell Phone No., Passwords, Price

Please follow the steps to input Cell Phone No. → Passwords → Price

Passwords : For transferring bitcoin to your wallet, you have to set the password and take good care of it.


Print Out the Bill to Pay Cashier

Please check the details in the Bill → touch icon '列印繳費單' → Pay to the cashier in FamilyMart


Receive SMS linked in your Smart Phone

You will receive SMS in five minutes. Please make sure to connect your WIFI and Keep the status of connecting
Please link to the website in SMS → Go to the deposit page of BitoEX web → BitoEX Wallet → Log In/Sign Up

Unable to receive SMS message? Click here to transfer

Key In Passwords, and Transfer Bitcoin to Your Wallet

Input Passwords, which you setup at FamiPort → Confirm Your Order → Successful transaction message by SMS → successfully deposit in your personal Bitcoin Wallet


Successfully deposit in your personal Bitcoin Wallet