About BitoEX

What service does BitoEX provide?

BitoEX commits to lead digital currency, BitoEX offers customers comprehensive services in excellent quality and unique branding. We expect to provide human easy life with Bitcoin. After you sign up in BitoEX, you will have your BitoEX wallet immediately. You can buy bitcoin, ETH and USDT from Convenience Store of Family Mart, ATM, WEB ATM and Internet banking from BitoEX. We will also help you to transfer Crypto Currency to cash.

Does BitoEX charge any fees when applying for BitoEX ?

We do not charge any fees when applying for BitoEX members. When you transact with cryptocurrency, it would probably charge some fees. Please see the instruction for each service.

How can I contact with BitoEX?

You can contact with us by E-mail: support@bitoex.com or make a phone call to us (02)8666-8968#1 during working hour(AM9:30~PM8:00)