How to start?

How do I apply a BitoEX wallet?

After you complete the registration process, you will have a BitoEX wallet.
Please go to our BitoEX home page, and click the Sign Up button. After filling in relevant registration information, BitoEX will send an activation email to your mailbox.
Once you click the link in the activation, you have activated your account and sign in BitoEX.
After login, phone verification is required. Please follow the step of BitoEX to complete the registration step.

Why am I not receiving SMS verification?

You can contact us via

How do I sell bitcoin to BitoEX?

You could use selling Bitcoin function. After selling Bitcoin the cash will increase to your cash balance account.
For selling Bitcoin steps please follow as below.
From Overview->Sell Bitcoin->Setup of Sell.
The amount of selling Bitcoin will display in the cash value.

How do i purchase on BitoEX?

We provide two ways to buy Bitcoin on BitoEX:
1.Buying Bitcoin from FamilyMart by cash.
  After the payment, you will receive SMS from BitoEx. Please link to the website in SMS and open to the deposit page of BitoEX web.
2.Binding Taiwan's bank account to buy Bitcoin by bank wire. (Level A required.)
  After passed level A verification you could see your exclusive account.
  Using ATM or WebATM to remit money to this exclusive account, we will transfer the equal-value Bitcoin to your account automatically.

Why do I receive $1 NTD in my bank account?

When you pass bank verification, BitoEX will remit $1 NTD into your bank account.

What is OTP verification?

Using One Time Password(OTP) generated by Google Authenticator for transaction verification can strengthen your account security and reduce the risk of account stealing. After activating the OTP verification, it is required OTP for your transaction verification.

Why do BitoEX ask for phone verification?

For your personal information and transaction security, verifying your identity is necessary.

Where can I download BitoEX's App?