BitoEX Wallet

How do i use cash balance account?

We could not add money into cash balance. The cash balance will increase only after you sell bitcoin on BitoEX. When you have the cash balance, you could choose to use the cash balance to buy Bitcoin or withdraw.

Is there a private key?

BitoEX is a web-based exchange that does not provide private keys to users.

Why does my wallet address not appear as the sending address?

BitoEX uses various different addresses to send BTC belonging to BitoX not receiving wallet address user uses in BitoEX. Please searching transaction record at with transaction ID (TXID) not BitoEX wallet address.

When will the BTC be credited to my account?

Please provide TXID and by checking will be able to see the records of the coins that were send from. Please notice that transferring bitcoin takes time to be verified and confirmed by the internet of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the verified process of transferring bitcoin is under the whole internet of Bitcoin, and not controlled by BitoEX system. Normally, the transferring bitcoin will not be confirmed until 4 confirms received by the net.

Where is my wallet address?

After signing in BitoEX, you can find your wallet address from My Wallet menu tab.

Why did my BTC have been deducted after sending and the sending of it has not completed?

Your transaction will be pending until receiving the confirmation Email after sending BTC. Please go to My Wallet->> Send Bitcoin. The status under this missing transaction is still pending and waiting for your verified confirmation by receiving E-MAIL . (Note: Confirmation email is valid for 20 mins )

How do I receive bitcoin?

After signing in BitoEX, you can find your wallet address from My Wallet menu tab.Copy the wallet address to the person who wants to send you bitcoin, or ask person to scan the QRcode of your wallet.

How do I send bitcoin to somebody else?

First, you need to sign in BitoEX. You can fill in the wallet address and amount of the person who you want to send bitcoin from the My Wallet menu under Send Bitcoin tab.

What is the minimum quantity of transfer bitcoin via BitoEX?

The fees for transferring bitcoin in BitoEX is 0.0001 bitcoin. The minimum quantity of transferring is 0.005 bitcoin.
The minimum quantity of transferring is 0.0005 bitcoin, And the fees for transferring bitcoin to the external wallet is a Floating change
(see Sending Bitcoins → Notes).

How do I withdraw money from BitoEX?

First, you need to sign in BitoEX. You can set up withdraw amount and bank account from the My Wallet menu under the Withdrawal tab. If your cash balance is less than minimum withdrawal amount, you can use the Sell Bitcoin functionality, which is from the Sell Bitcoin menu under the Sell Bitcoin tab, to sell your bitcoin. After you selling your bitcoin, the cash amount will add to your account cash balance.

How do I set up my financial account?

You can set up your financial account from tab Account» Financial account New Bank Account

How long does it take to withdraw money from BitoEX?

1.BitoEX withdrawal will take 0-7 working days.
2.The processing time for withdrawal operates at 3 pm.
*Cumulative amount more than 1,000,000 TWD in the same day, need to charge extra 5% fee.