About Fees

Does BitoEX charge any fees on bitcoin transfer?

Effective from Dec. 22, 2017
1.Internal transaction: transfer between BitoEX wallets remain as free.
2.External transaction: users will be charged a transaction fee depends on the miner market which means the fee is NOT fixed.

How much does BitoEX charge on withdrawal?

If the cumulative amount per day is more than 1,000,000 NTD, we charge 5% fees of withdrawal.
For general withdrawal, we do not charge any fee.

Does BitoEX charge any fees on selling bitcoin?

For choosing reserved price or current price to sell Bitcoin, we do not charger any fees.

Do we need to file tax after trading and withdrawing?

Currently, there is no relevant tax law about cryptocurrency trading and withdrawing. More information please check with the National Taxation Bureau.