Account and security

Why am I not receiving E-mail verification?

After you log in, you can resend the verification E-mail. In addition, check your junk mail box to see whether your mailbox filter the verification E-mail. If you still can't receive verification E-mail, please contact with us via We will deal it for you as soon as possible.

How to revise the registered name and bank account?

You can contact with us by E-mail: or make a phone call to us (02)8666-8968 during working hour(AM9:30~PM8:00)

How to change my registered phone number?

If you are able to use your old phone number, you could change the number without our assistance.
The steps will be: From Overview» Account» Security Setup» Modify "SMS" number.

If the original registration number cannot be operated
Please follow the instructions link:How to change my registered phone number?

How to apply personal information modification?

Please Download 「Authorization of Personal Info Change」 and follow the instructions to submit these docs below:
1.The clear image file which indicates your face and your hand holding your ARC or Passport and a note with the word 'For BitoEX personal info change', today's date and your signature. Please be careful not to cover the document.
2.The “Authorization of Personal Info Change /Account Closure” which needs to update the info and signed it by hand.
3. Your ARC or Passport (For Taiwanese, please submit your Taiwan National Identification Card, do not submit passport. Thank you.)
4.Item to be changed:
1.Email Account: Attach the billing statement of your Old or New(Level B or A User Only) mobile number.
2.First name/Last name: Attach the Household Certificate.

Email the above four docs. to BitoEX customer service email at

What is OTP verification?

Using One Time Password(OTP) generated by Google Authenticator for login verification can strengthen your account security and reduce the risk of account stealing. After activating the OTP verification, it is required OTP for your login and transaction verification.

How do I close account in BitoEX?

You can contact with us by E-mail: or make a phone call to us (02)8666-8968 during working hour(AM9:30~PM8:00)

Personal Information of Account

Please fill in your personal information correctly. In case you lose your account or password or encountered account stealing, we can help you to get back your property according to your personal information.

Login Password

The length of password must exceed 8 characters, and the password is composed of numbers and letters.

Why does BitoEX ask for phone verification?

For your personal infomation and transaction security, verification your identity is necessary.

How to reset OTP if I've changed mobile device or deleted OTP accidentally?

From Account -> Security Setup -> Resetting OTP -> SMS.
*If the registration number cannot be operated, please refer to "How to change my registered phone number?".

BitoEX Anti-fraud Promotion

BitoEX will not contact you with no reason. If you receive a suspicious Email or phone call in the name of the BitoEX,Please dial anti-fraud hotline: 165 or contact the customer service directly. Do not provide your personal information such as BitoEX account, personal email and password to avoid loss of your assets.